Cell Phone Shot of the Year 2021

Congratulations! Winners were announced December 30, 2021 at 10 AM CST

The Contestants

Tinsley Salari

Phoenix Overall

Ariana Donaldson

Ventura Overall

Logan Biggs

Detroit Overall

Logan Biggs

Detroit Overall

Aaria Arunkumar

Cumming Overall

Weslynn Waligura

Richland Overall

Sycie Jones

Moselle, Ms Overall

Sycie Jones

Moselle, Ms Overall

Sycie Jones

Moselle, Ms Overall

Sycie Jones

Moselle, Ms Overall

Laila Shutt

Tower City Overall

Khloe Pound

West Columbia Overall

Tenley Miller

Jasper Overall

Ojasvi Chauhan

- Overall

Ava Pinnow

Racine, Wi Overall

Briondra Norman

Atlanta Overall

Kirsten Mackney

Burlington Township Overall

Tiffany Lavoie

Paradise Valley Overall

Elliana Bordner

Rossville Overall

Samantha Varga

- Overall

Amanda Hudnell

- Overall

Leann Garrett

- Overall

Isabella Rose Mayes

Terrell Overall


Cell Phone Shot of the Year Contest!
★ Entries must be taken with a cell phone or up to 2 points will be deducted from each judge's quality score. 

1 Overall Cell Phone Queen  4 Runners-Up
1 Queen receives our prelim prize package which includes a high quality crown, sparkle accented sash, & more + will advance to our new "Cell Phone Queen of the Year" contest! 
4 Runners-Up will also receive awards in the mail + 20% off any future contest.

★ Entry Fee ★ Only $25 per photo (no limit on number of photos entered)
★ Eligibility  All ages; open to everyone who has not won one of our selfie contests in at least 6 months
 ✩   E N T R I E S   M U S T   B E   TAKEN WITH A CELL PHONE !   ✩
★ Entry Deadline  December 20 (must be paid by midnight CT)
★ Popular Miss Voting  No voting; this contest is judged
★ Winners Announced  December 30 at 10am CT (on this page) 

Monthly Photogenic Miss Cell Phone Queens automatically advance; you may also enter this contest directly.  Enter a recent cell phone shot that has not previously won one of our contests or even take one on our entry form if your device supports it!   A winner & court of four runners-up in each of our age divisions will be selected by a panel of judges.  Your scores for each photo entered will be visible privately in your account when results are posted.     

To enter, click “Enter” tab to the right.  Your entry fee must be paid via PayPal at the time of entry.  You may enter multiple photos, each is $25.  Once your submission & payment are completed, your entry will appear below.  Photos will be hidden until voting goes live at 12am CT on the day voting opens.

Photo Eligibility & Basic Entry Guidelines 

 Your photo(s) must be a cell phone that has not previously won any of our contests or points will be deducted from your Quality Score.

 Your photo(s) must have been taken within the past 18 months.
 Your photo(s) must not have previously won a paid Photogenic Miss contest in any year (runner-up photos can be re-entered).
 Entry fees are non-refundable.
 Your age division is determined automatically by your age as of January 1st, 2021. 
 You must provide your correct name, email, US mailing address (prizes cannot be shipped internationally), and birthdate.  You are responsible for keeping your address up-to-date in your account.

Popular Miss Voting
There is no voting on this contest.


 A panel of judges (number of judges varies month to month) will score each photo on a scale of 1-10 in 3 categories: Photogenic Appeal, Photo Quality & Clarity, Personality.
 Each judge's scores will be totaled and each photo will receive a score between 3 & 30.  Each judge's total score for each photo will be averaged.    
 The photo that receives the highest total average score will win the Division's title and prize package.
 In the event of a tie, the judges will be asked to vote for their pick as a tie-breaker.  If there is still a tie, an additional judge will be brought in for a tie-breaking vote.
 Your scores will be available privately in your account the instant results are posted.

Official 2021 Photogenic Miss Cell Phone Queen of the Year Prize Package

1 Overall Queen Will Win:
 National Monthly Title
 Official Custom ROUND Crown  
 Official Custom Satin Sash
 Official Custom Sash Pin 
 $25 Gift Certificate to the Miss American Coronet Online Pageant*
 $25 VISA Gift card - use it anywhere VISA is accepted or reload your Amazon balance
 20% off Your Next Photogenic Miss Entry

4 Runners-Up in Each Division Will Win:
 Exclusive Runner-Up Ribbon
 20% off Your Next Photogenic Miss Entry
 $10 Gift Certificate to the Miss American Coronet Online Pageant*

Director's Award
At our discretion, we may award a Director's Award ribbon.

Awards will be shipped to the address in your account within 2 weeks of results posting.
* Maximum discount per contestant is $35 ($25 for a winning photo + $10 for 1st-4th Runner-Up photo) for each Miss American Coronet season.